Clínica Oftalmológica Vila

Cross Linking


Corneal crosslinking is the application of ultraviolet radiation on the cornea to strengthen it. This treatment can be performed alone or combined with other techniques to treat problems in the cornea.


Firstly, Riboflavin is applied on the eye and later it is subjected to ultraviolet radiation.

The procedure lasts about one hour and is conducted on an outpatient basis under topical anesthesia.

It is indicated for mild keratoconus for mild refractive problems.


Patients must attend a previous medical visit in which they will undergo specific tests. The surgeon will tell them if they must use some eye drops in the days before the intervention.

They should let the surgeon know if they have a chronic illness or are taking anticoagulant drugs.


Patients may experience some discomfort during the first 3 or 4 days. In some cases, we recommend using therapeutic contact lenses to reduce discomfort. The definitive effects of Cross-Linking may take three to six months to appear.

800,00 €