Clínica San Vicente

The Clínica San Vicente, since its creation in 1994, is a scientific, medical pioneering institution in Spain concerned with the management of brain disorders caused by various neurological diseases in their rehabilitation, teaching and research side, whose programmes, either inpatient or outpatient, have reached a level of success in their own right with numerous successful recoveries in patients. There have been more than five thousand patients treated so far.

The procedures and techniques, based on medical evidence and the degree of confidence generated, are applied by a team of professionals with extensive experience in their respective specialities within the general framework of the treatment. Twelve medical experts, thirteen therapists specialising in the various branches of rehabilitation, six nurses and nineteen healthcare assistants, are responsible for these tasks.

Currently, we offer other courses of action in addition to the neurosciences, as with other rehabilitative and diagnostic processes, the processes require medium and long-term hospital stay, both due to the number and variety of specialists and personnel, and due to the quality of care which complements and supports our activities at all times.

Experience, technology and human values ​​are the keys to achieving excellence in the everyday practices performed in the San Vicente Clinic, all aimed at achieving more accurate diagnoses, more expeditious assistance, and optimum recovery, resulting in a better quality of life.

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