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Ear reshaping (Otoplasty)


Otoplasty or ear reshaping is a surgical technique used to correct deformities or defects of the antihelix, which keeps the pinna separate from the head, causing "jug ears".  

This surgery can be performed at any age, even in 5-6 year old children.


Otoplasty consists of making an incision in the skin at the back of the ear and weakening the cartilage using sutures, shaping it so that it folds back and positions the ear closer to the head.

The surgery, which takes around an hour, is usually performed with local anaesthesia and sedation, although sometimes general anaesthesia is used. This is an outpatient procedure, with no hospitalisation required.


Patients should undergo a preliminary test to evaluate the specific characteristics of their intervention.
Furthermore, they must undergo a standard preoperative study that includes blood tests, electrocardiogram, etc.

Also, if they have any chronic illness or regularly take medications, especially anticoagulants, they should inform the surgeon before surgery.


After the surgery patients will have to wear a padded bandage for 48 hours. For the first few days after surgery it is a good idea to wear some light compression (cotton and elastic band) to protect the ears from knocks or rough movements. The ears will be slightly inflamed, and sometimes patients may notice some loss of sensation in the ears but this will gradually disappear over the following days

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