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Intracorneal ring


Intracorneal ring therapy is the surgical implantation of one or two semi-circular segments in the cornea, causing a flattening of the central cornea and improving the vision.

They have two indications: Pathological keratoconus or refractive surgery solution.

The intrastromal corneal rings can be removed or replaced and in some cases prevent or delay the need for a corneal transplant.


Intracorneal rings are small semicircular pieces that are implanted inside the cornea. In some advanced ophthalmological clinics femtosecond laser is used to make intracorneal tunnels. The surgery is painless and it only needs topic anesthesia.


Patients must attend a previous medical visit in which they will undergo specific tests. The surgeon will tell them if they must use some eye drops in the days before the intervention.

They should let the surgeon know if they have a chronic illness or are taking anticoagulant drugs.


Patients can return to their normal activities from the day following the operation. The surgeon will instruct them about the medication to use. It is recommended to protect the eyes from the sun and not to practice any sport until the surgeon says so.

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