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Nose surgery (Rhinoplasty)


Rhinoplasty transforms the shape of the nose, correcting aesthetic or respiratory problems by carving and remodeling of bone and nasal cartilage. 


The procedure usually takes place under general anaesthesia, although tip surgery and small tweaks may be performed under local anaesthesia with sedation. The surgery usually takes one hour. If general anaesthesia is used, patients have to stay in the hospital for around 24 hours.

Usually, the surgery is performed through incisions inside the nostrils, meaning there are no visible external scars. In more difficult cases, it is conducted a procedure called open rhinoplasty, that leaves a tiny scar at the base of the columella.


Patients should undergo a preliminary test to evaluate the specific characteristics of their intervention.
Furthermore, they must undergo a standard preoperative study that includes blood tests, electrocardiogram, etc.

Also, if they have any chronic illness or regularly take medications, especially anticoagulants, they should inform the surgeon before surgery.

Rhinoplasty patients should be completely convinced of the intervention, because it is a big change in the appearance of the face.


After the Rhinoplasty, Patients will have a nasal packing and a plaster on their nose to prevent bleeding and fix the new shape of the nose. The first day after surgery, the patient should be lying with his head held high. Gradually the swelling and bruising will disappear and a week after, patients can return to their normal activity.

We recommend patients to avoid wearing glasses and rough sports, and use solar protection cream for a few days after removing the cast.

However, the final appearance of patients nose will continue to evolve over at least six months.

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