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Total thyroidectomy


A total thyroidectomy involves removing the thyroid.  The intervention is indicated in cases of thyroid cancer and some tumors in the larynx and neck.


The procedure is performed under general anesthesia through a transversal incision at the base of the neck. It usually lasts about 90 minutes and requires no more than 72 hours of hospitalization.


Patients should undergo a preliminary test to evaluate the specific characteristics of their intervention.
Furthermore, they must undergo a standard preoperative study that includes blood tests, electrocardiogram, etc.

Also, if they have any chronic illness or regularly take medications, especially anticoagulants, they should inform the surgeon before surgery.


Patients probably have some minor pain after surgery because of the posture during surgery that progressively disappears.

Patients to get up and walk on the day after surgery but they have to wait about 3 or 4 weeks to fully recover.

It is recommended to check the calcium and hormonal levels in your blood after surgery because sometimes there are disarranges. Patients also have to avoid the sun to prevent dark marks on the scar.

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