COSAGA (Cooperativa Sanitaria de Galicia)

With the intention of achieving the leadership in the health environment into the private field and even into the public services in a supplementary way, we are not only deeply committed with the management of knowledge but also with the optimization of the resources.

We are well known as a referral hospital within the autonomous community of Galicia and particularly within the province of Ourense, where we can be found into different institutions and society areas trying to pass on people our commitment in order to obtain a close service and high quality health assistance.

This correlation with the environment makes us participate in different active ways: social-development and support projects and environmental sustainability projects.


- Is an active member of the Galician Health Council (Consejo Gallego de Salud), of the Galician Association of Private Clinics (Asociación Gallega de Clínicas Privadas) and it is a partner of the National Federation of Private Clinics (Federación Nacional de Clínicas Privadas).

- Has been a private hospital in agreement with the Public Health Service for twenty years and it has also been an authorized center of the Regional Ministry of Public Health in Galicia.

- Is the Referral Hospital in “no-blood surgery” for Jehovah´s Witnesses.


The culture of our institution is directed to the search of excellence through both the involvement and the active and continuous improvement of each member of the staff.

CO.SA.GA has been awarded with the 300+ European Excellence Signature in July 2013 thus becoming the first Hospital in Galicia to get this well-regarded quality certificate.

This European quality certificate has supposed a public acknowledgment to the model of management that CO.SA.GA put into practice.

Working with the EFQM model has allowed our institution not only to get a deep knowledge of our organization but also to get the chance to revise our strategy and emerge day by day. It also has allowed us to define the actions needed to increase the competitiveness and to prioritize the activities based in the strategic objectives of the cooperative.

At the end, the most important thing for CO.SA.GA is the improvement that this quality certificate means for our clients. Firstly, this has supposed an excellent acknowledgment of the model of management, and secondly, it claims the confidence in a kind of organization really committed with the continuous progress.

The benefits for the clients are the increase of the satisfaction and the overcoming of their expectations.

The EFQM certification also brings the acknowledgment of the guarantee within the social and environmental values.

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