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Meniscectomy (with or without synovectomy)


The most common meniscal injury is the meniscal tear, which is treated by knee arthroscopy. The arthroscopic meniscal injury repair or meniscectomy eliminates pain and improves mobility of patients.


The surgeon makes two small incisions around the knee to insert the instruments needed and repair the damaged meniscus.

Knee arthroscopy is always made in the operating theatre, but patients can go home after a few hours. It generally takes less than one hour and local anaesthesia is the most used.


Patients should undergo a preliminary test to evaluate the specific characteristics of their intervention.
Furthermore, they must undergo a standard preoperative study that includes blood tests, electrocardiogram, etc.

Also, if they have any chronic illness or regularly take medications, especially anticoagulants, they should inform the surgeon before surgery.


After the surgery patients may suffer some discomfort or swelling in their leg, but it will disappear in a few days.

Bandages will be removed a few days later, when patients have the first of the cures.

Patients can start walking from day one, although it is recommended to use crutches for a few days.

A correct rehabilitation is very important for the recovery. Spaincares offers patients the opportunity to do so at one of our specialist centres.

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