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Cirugía de Pterigium (con tissucol)

Pterygium surgery


Pterygium is a benign disease in which conjunctival tissue invades the cornea.

In many cases the problems are basically aesthetic, but pterygium can cause pain and impaired vision, discomfort and red eyes.


The pterygium is removed with a simple surgical excision that can be combined with other processes such as implantation of amniotic membrane or conjunctival autograft. Solutions like Tisucol are also used to avoid the sutures.

The procedure usually lasts about 20-30 minutes and is done under topical anesthesia on an outpatient basis.


Patients must previously visit the ophthalmologist to assess  their needs.

They must let the surgeon know if they have a chronic illness or are taking anticoagulant medication.


After the operation patients can go home, but they must wear protective glasses.

The surgeon will tell them if they should take any medication and he will explain them the care needed for the scar.

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