National Association of Medical Spas

The National Association of Medical Spas (ANBAL) was established more than 100 years ago. The founding principle of the Association is that all its members must have mineral-medicinal waters which have been declared to be of Public Utility. The Association was recognised in the Royal Decree- Act 743/1928 dated 25 April (statute on the exploitation of springs producing mineral-medicinal waters). 

The Association currently comprises 60 spas. The incorporation of new members is currently under study. The primary objective of ANBAL is to promote and defend the interests of the sector. 

In response to the needs of the Association for a programme to promote of the Spa product, ANBAL created the “Spanish Spa Club”, one of whose main objectives was to set out promotional strategies and plans according to the situation of the market, and to coordinate and define the logistics of the promotion and communication actions.

Currently the spa sector is committed to quality, and is the sector which boasts the highest number of "Q for Quality" awards in the whole of the tourism sector.

The Association has set up agreements with a range of institutions in order to promote joint actions in benefit of the spa product.