Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation

The Confederación Española de Hoteles y Alojamientos Turísticos (Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation) was formed on January 1st 2004, the upshot of the merger between the Federación Española de Hoteles (F.E.H. – Spanish Hotel Federation) and the Agrupación Hotelera de las Zonas Turísticas de España (ZONTUR – Hotel Grouping of the Tourist Areas of Spain). Its purpose is to represent, defend and promote the common interests of its members as regards everything related both with the association side as well as with the associated establishments’ area.

Since February 2007 the chairman of the Confederation has been Mr. Joan Molas.

The Confederation comprises the local or provincial hotel associations distributed throughout Spain.

CEHAT represents the entire Spanish property sector (both independent hotels and hotel chains, apartments, resorts and campsites & resorts) with more than 14,000 establishments and 1,500,000 beds, grouped into 64 national, provincial, regional and local associations nationwide.