Spanish Confederation of Travel Agents

The Spanish Confederation of Travel Agents is the most representative national association of Travel Agents;  it brings together almost 90% of these, counting right now with 18 provincial organisations, with 2,000 central offices and 4,500 branches, with a turnover in 2012 exceeding 13,000 million Euros, while making a large shaft in the national economy, as it is underlined in GDP rates.

In November 2011, the Confederation achieved, after many years of work, the desired sector union; this new project goes through the defence of all travel agencies, large and small, in order to join forces and wills in improving the sector. Rafael Gallego Nadal is the President of CEAV since that date.

In July 2013, CEAV, along with other important associations of the tourism and health industries, launched Spaincares with the aim to promote and publicise the quality of Spanish health and tourism around the world and encourage arrival of medical tourists to our country.