Spanish Private Health Alliance

SPANISH PRIVATE HEALTH ALLIANCE is the most representative association of Spanish private healthcare, with over 450 health centres associates. This is a non-profit statewide organization, dedicated to the defence and representation of private hospitals in Spain. Since October 2013, the ASPE is headed by Ms. Cristina Contel, also President of the Catalan Association of Health Organizations (ACES).

The ASPE is present in the European Union of Private Hospitals, where leads several working groups. In addition, Cristina Contel is the Secretary of the Executive Committee of the UEHP. The Federation is also present in the Board of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organisations (CEOE) by Valentin D. Ballesteros, Vice-president of FNCP, and 14 Commissions and several working groups within the CEOE.

The ASPE is in constant contact with the Health Ministry and the different departments of the regional governments, and works every day to defend the interests of the associates and to facilitate their work.

In July 2013, the ASPE, along with other important associations of the tourism and health industries, launched Spaincares with the aim of promoting and publicising the quality of Spanish health and tourism around the world and encouraging the arrival of medical tourists to our country.