Help Basic Activities of Daily Living

The basic activities of daily living are those primary and essential activities of the person, which allow you to develop with a minimum of autonomy and independence by promoting mobility, self-care, and understanding of their environment, performing simple tasks , understanding what is told to do, encouraging understanding, this should be allowed to live without the help of others as usual.

We refer among other things the following:

• Dressing,

• own personal hygiene, ,

• Moving from one place to another,

• Eating,

• Using the toilet,

• Recognize people, objects,

• Etc.

Disorders that more interfere with the development of daily activities are:

• COGNITIVE: memory loss, disorientation, attention deficit, impaired ability to plan, initiate, organize and complete a task.

• PSYCHOPATHOLOGICAL: Alterations in the expression of emotion (disproportionate emotional responses), apathy, etc. ..

• ENGINES: motor abnormalities,  decreased strength, incoordination, uncontrolled movements, altered sensation, etc. ..