The physiotherapist performs a set of rehabilitation techniques in the sense of the definition of such by the WHO, which defines rehabilitation as "an active process by which those disabled as a result of illness or injury reach a full recovery or develop their maximum physical, mental and social power and are integrated into the most appropriate environment. "

In our centers this applies to individual programs and in some cases in a group, they tend to improve the physical abilities of the individual.

Professional designed for each individual program or exercise programs, according to a personalized study of your physical state.

The physiotherapist is integrated in a multidisciplinary team in order to offer each person an appropriate treatment to their circumstances, and takes into account inter alia, the following purposes:

• Improving the overall physical condition of the person

• Reduction of pain

• Avoid falls

• Increase or at least maintain muscle strength.

• Promoting Flexibility and coordination of the individual.

• Coordinate with the multidisciplinary team and the various aid recommendations.


Notably these listed purposes, two important, the first to avoid possible falls, arrival at an age, these pose the greatest risk having a serious consequence, such as hip fracture.

On the other hand it is important to promote coordination and flexibility, this will give the person a greater autonomy, with consequent improvement in quality of life.

The latter is the primary objective of physiotherapist, improving the quality of life, through enhanced physical state of the person