Foot health directly affects the quality of life, it can restrict the mobility of the person.

In nursing homes it is essential to pay attention to foot care, which is vital for the development of the basic activities of the resident's daily  life.
Some objectives of the podiatrist in a social health centre include:

  o Limit disability
  o Preserve the maximum normal function.
  o Restore the highest possible level of independent activity in the patient.

With these three objectives we will:

  o Increase his social welfare
  o Reduce the possible medical complications
  o Reduce the possibility of hospitalisation for serious diseases
  o Remove part of the stress and strain caused by the discomfort of the foot.
  o Ultimately provide palliative treatment, with reduction or elimination of pain.

Among other specific actions we can highlight:

1. Nails treatment
2. Digital injuries
3. Treatment of hyperkeratotic injuries (calluses)
4. Treatment of Hallux Valgus (bunion)
5. Talalgias (heel pain)
6. Skin alterations
7. Etc.

With all of this we try to get the person to be independent in his movements to the fullest, increasing their quality of life.
In this regard, it is always advised a preventive treatment that can lead us to an early diagnosis.